Wizards & Wagons is a fantasy trading adventure which just launched on iOS, and challenges you to travel the world trading goods for an enormous profit.

You play as the once great hero who slew the Demon Lord and have been down on your luck since, becoming penniless and homeless.

A traveling wizard arrives to save the day though, and offers you a wagon and the chance to earn back your possessions by living the life of a trader.

So you’ll travel the world trading supplies with merchants in a bunch of unique locations, figuring out where supplies are cheapest and the profits for selling them are highest along the way.

WaW_Combat03 - 720p

Your fighting days are far from over though. While travelling from town to town you’ll have to battle outlaws, monsters, and even dragons using weapons and magic.

You’ll also battle with limited inventory space and have to try and squeeze everything in using a Tetris-style inventory system.

WaW_Buy_Sell_Goods1 - 720p

When you’ve earned enough cash you can upgrade your wagon to increase the storage space as well as the weapons onboard to help prepare you for any eventuality.

To help you earn that cash, you can join the Merchants Guild and take on a variety of randomly generated quests for rewards.

Or, you could keep an eye on the calendar to take advantage of seasonal events if you’re feeling particularly sinister.

WaW_Guild_Quest-Captions - 720p

Wizards & Wagons is available right now from the App Store [download].

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