Once upon a time, I wished there were more games involving goats out there. Since Goat Simulator, I feel like my wish has been granted. Launching this Thursday is another goat-themed game in the form of Goat Rider.

It’s a simple arcade-style game that requires you to avoid falling off a goat. Simply hold the screen when the goat moves right or release it when the goat moves left.

Keep going and you can unlock a new rider in the form of many colorful characters, including some from famous indie games on the App Store such as Crossy Road, Temple Run 2, Punch Quest, and Tiny Tower Vegas.

A potentially very cute idea, the endless nature of Goat Rider means it looks like it’ll be the ideal game for ‘just one more go’ style urges. It’s out this Thursday and will be an ad-supported, free-to-play game.