Mobile Strike is a new free to play MMO strategy game from the makers of Game of War: Fire Age. Your aim is to establish a strong base, alongside forming a similarly strong alliance with other players. Oh, and there’s room to decimate your enemies sometimes too. Here are some tips and tricks on how to get the edge on your opponents.



Missions are everything here. Seriously, you’re never going to be short of something to do here. Mobile Strike likes to offer you a series of recommended missions. Listen to it and prioritize those tasks.

You’ll be mostly building things early on, but don’t forget to train troops and research things too.

The early missions will invariably take little time to complete, so enjoy this sense of progression as you keep hitting that speed up button.

The base missions are the main ones you’ll be pursuing, but don’t forget the daily, alliance, and VIP missions too. They can be pretty useful and often take hardly any time to complete.


One quirk of the system is that you have to go back into the mission screen to collect your reward. Don’t forget to do this! Starting out, I forgot, then had a lot of bonuses to pick up at once.

Having said that, when you’re in a series of battles, use this to your advantage. If an enemy attacks, it can’t steal your resources if you haven’t claimed them yet. Bear this in mind and only pull them out when needed.

Completing missions unlocks skill points for your commander, but make sure you spend time assigning those points to them so that you can use such skills in battle.



Unlike other games where resource management is tightly restricted, Mobile Strike lets you go nuts. You can place as many buildings as you like.

Do exactly this. Place as many resource gathering buildings as you can afford. Make sure you keep it balanced, though. Have the same number of each so nothing gets left behind. Also, keep your warehouse upgraded so it can store all those resources safely.

Join an alliance

Everything is better as part of a team. Mobile Strike is no different. Join an alliance and not only will you gain an instant gold bonus, but you’ll have folks to talk to. New missions and objectives unlock too, with more of a focus on raiding enemy outposts.

Also, if your alliance mate buys an in-app purchase, everyone gains a reward.

Attack the quitters


Mobile Strike is new right now, but give it time and people will give up playing. Scout bases to work out who has abandoned the game, then attack them. It means easy profit for you with no risk of reprisal.

Connect to Facebook

Connect your Facebook account to Mobile Strike and you’ll unlock the Gold Mine. You can use the Gold Mine to gift gold to friends and alliance members, as well as receive such presents in return.

Be patient

Resist using your timer boosts unless absolutely necessary. Mobile Strike is a slow burner, so when you have a long timer, you’re better off simply waiting rather than using an expensive boost to skip ahead. Log out of the game for a little while and find something else to do. Your upgrade will have finished soon enough!