Swipe Me Out is a great little mobile game from Inventain Mobile that puts player’s reactions to the ultimate test. By needing to guide a little critter through a dungeon overflowing with lava and studded with traps, players must pick the only escape with just milliseconds to spare. Actual milliseconds.

Even though the game is about as simplistic as a game can be, our Swipe Me Out tips, cheats and strategies features some great ways to survive longer as you work towards toppling your friend’s high scores, as well as your own.

To Hesitate or Not To Hesitate?

Swipe Me Out tips cheats strategies

That is the question. And the answer is: do not hesitate. Hesitation is what the game absolutely relies on to stump you again and again.

You’ll enter a room, see that there is a trap, hesitate, and then it’s too late. In the earlier rooms, the lava flows slowly enough to allow you room to hesitate and then wait for the traps to clear up. But soon thereafter, if you see a clear door open on the other side, and the traps are not in the way, GO.

Don’t allow yourself to fall into this pattern of thought: “New room, wait, look, okay, go.” This will hold you back from getting very far. Instead you need to think like Ricky Bobby, “I wanna go, fast.”

Use the Focus

Swipe Me Out tips cheats strategies

When you get on a roll in Swipe Me Out, you’ll feel like a Jedi. Just swiping up, down, left, and right and dodging traps and lava as easy as you’d step over gum on the sidewalk. To attain this zen-like state, you’ll have to completely focus, and I mean that in two ways.

For one, this isn’t the game to play if you’re watching TV or chilling with friends. I mean, it can totally be played in those situations, but your success will be limited. You need to give the game your utmost attention to succeed.

Also, focus on the game quite literally. I found that staring at the center of the screen and using my peripheral vision to identify the blue glow of the escape and the movement patterns of the traps to really help my concentration and keep me from trying to look at everything at once. Basically, just keep eye contact with your little critter. That’s the easiest way to see everything at once.

Hollow, Goodbye

Swipe Me Out tips cheats strategies

Sometimes you’ll run into a room, and there won’t be an escape!

Don’t panic. Instead, wait a beat, and wait for the hollow wall to collapse and reveal the way out, just keep focused and watch for a wall to begin shaking, and as soon as it does, slide right on towards it.

Walk on Water

Swipe Me Out tips cheats strategies

One of the types of traps you’ll encounter is a moat. Running into the water is just as deadly as running into the lava. Luckily a little platform floats back and forth across the moat, giving you the chance to safely pass over the water.

This platform is actually a little bigger than it looks. So, understanding that, you don’t need to be super accurate with getting your critter across that watery death trap.