Almost six year ago, a big-little game called Aralon: Sword and Shadow was hailed as “Elder Scrolls on the iPhone.” We actually said that, by the way, in our 2010 review. While we ran into some serious bugs and control issues, the game gave us a taste of what the future of open-world RPGs could be like on smartphones.

Now Crescent Moon Games is gearing up to launch their follow-up to Sword and Shadow, Aralon: Forge and Flame. Featuring three continents for players to explore, Crescent Moon Games told us that Forge and Flame is expected to launch in December.

Beyond the vast landscapes featured in the trailer (you’ll explore three continents!), players can expect to find new races as well as complete day/night cycles with dynamic lighting and shadows which make things like torches really pop and come to life. Players can also experience the game from a third or first-person perspective thanks to an overhauled user-interface system improved from the original game.

Expect this one on the App Store before the end of the year.