A well-trodden Pokémon joke involves comparing the hit monster-fighting series to a legalized form of cockfighting for kids. And, well — that’s what it is. You raise a monster, you command it to fight for you, and when / if you win fights against other trainers, you get money. Sounds pretty “gambly” to us.

So it can’t do any harm to inject a little extra gambling into the monster-fighting formula, right? That’s what Boomzap (the makers of Super Awesome Quest) is doing with its upcoming mobile and iOS title, Monster Roller. Monster Roller is a monster raising / fighting game that focuses around the aspect of gambling that appeals to those of us too dumb to understand Poker: slot machines.

As a “Roller,” you capture, collect, and train over 40 different monsters. You fight wild monsters and other players through a slot machine mechanism, then determine your monsters’ abilities as they grow. Want a fighter? Want a healer? It’s up to you.

With a little help from Lady Luck, of course.

Look for Monster Roller in December.