There are few comic books in the last decade that have garnered quite as much praise as Joe Hill’s Locke & Key. A fantastically spooky character drama starring believable, struggling teenagers and supernatural forces, it would be impossible for me to not give it a hearty recommendation. Like… Eleventy-billion thumbs up.

Seriously. Go find a book store. This needs to happen.

Ordered the books yet? Awesome. Once you’re done reading them, you can join the rest of us as we eagerly await the release of (or, really, any details about) a Locke & Key mobile game from Stompy Bot Productions.

The studio recently announced that they’d partnered with IDW Publishing to create Locke & Key games. In reaching out to Stompy Bot, Gamezebo has learned that the first Locke & Key game is slated for a PC release with console and mobile ports to follow. Lacking any sort of a key that would allow me to open up their heads and learn more, this is all the information we have to share with you right now. We’ll be sure to keep you posted as information surfaces!