Free-to-play games have been undergoing something of a AAA transformation on mobile this year, and two of the most graphically impressive of these — Dawn of Titans and the racing sequel CSR2 — were meant to be Zynga’s major entries into the fray. But while the games are still coming, it won’t be as soon as you’d hoped. On an earnings call yesterday, Zynga announced that both Dawn of Titans and CSR2 are being pushed into 2016.

In a detailed email recounting their Q3 financials, Zynga explained why delaying both games could prove beneficial to their inevitable release.

In short, the kitchen smells great, but Zynga haven’t finished cooking yet. Both games are currently available in soft launch in select markets, but if you’ve been itchin’ to play either of these, don’t expect a full global release until sometime next year.