Remember Respawn Entertainment’s crazy cool mech-heavy shooter, Titanfall? If you didn’t play it, you probably remember it as that game that wasn’t on the PS4 and therefore broke your heart. (Don’t worry though, Titanfall 2 will be!)

Outside of the series two big console releases, the Titanfall universe will be continuing to expand. Respawn Entertainment has just announced a deal with Nexon (publishers of fine mobile fare like DomiNations and Mabinogi Duel) to bring multiple games to iOS and Android starting in 2016.

As part of this partnership, both companies have jointly invested in Particle City, the studio that will lead development on Titanfall’s mobile titles. This comes on the heels of another deal between Respawn and Nexon (and EA) to bring a free-to-play PC version of Titanfall to Asian gamers.

There are no details on what we’ll see from Nexon’s mobile Titanfall releases, other than the vague promise of “all-new standalone games with original gameplay experiences.”

Find out what that means when the first game drops in 2016.