Halloween is right around the corner, but does that mean I’m going to showcase a ton of new spooky games for you this week? Heck no! (We already had our list of scary fun this week anyways).

Instead we’re going to highlight what’s great, new, and worthy of your attention as you sit by the front door waiting to hand out candy all night.

Minecraft Story Mode: Episode 2


Considering how quickly this series shot to the top of the App Store, there’s a very good chance you’ve already played Episode 1. The story continues this week, and for better or worse, it doesn’t deviate much from the course set in the first chapter.

Agent A

agent a

Like puzzles and a charming 1960’s aesthetic? Agent A is here to deliver both. We were quite stoked about this one when it was first announced, and can’t wait to dive in to see if it lives up to expectations.

Five Card Quest

five card quest

Rocketcat Games latest release is a roguelike dungeon crawl with turn-based, card-driven combat. The art is great, the battles are quick, and there’s just enough strategy to make you really think out each card. Five Card Quest is highly recommended.

Octodad: Dadliest Catch

octodad dadliest catch

The most polished game of QWOP you’ll ever play, Octodad tells the tale of an octopus masquerading as an everyday family man. We gave it four stars on PC. Here’s to hoping the mobile version holds up.

Download ($4.99)

Dead Effect 2

dead effect 2

Just in time for Halloween, a spooky mobile shooter with a cult status gets a sequel. The main story promises more than 20 hours of gameplay, and RPG elements that will let you tweak and train your character as you see fit.

Beneath the Lighthouse

beneath the lighthouse

Nitrome has been on fire this year with great App Store releases. Their latest sends players beneath a lighthouse in search of their missing grandfather. Let the puzzling commence!

Lumino City

lumino city

A spiritual successor (if not direct sequel) to Lume, Lumino City is a gorgeously hand-crafted game built using real props from the real world. Point-and-click adventure fans had mixed things to say about this one when it hit PC late last year, but dang — there’s no denying that it sure is pretty.

Slashy Hero


We don’t see line-drawing too often on the App Store anymore, so it’s neat to see it used in a unique way. This time it’s in a dungeon crawler, with players attacking enemies as they cross their path.

Fold the World


A paper-folding puzzler unlike anything we’ve seen before, players guide springy hero Yolo along paths by folding the world around him. It looks like this could very well be this week’s big sleeper hit.

Blood Bowl: Kerrunch


Blood Bowl has long been a favorite of fantasy strategists (with a love for pigskin). The tablet version was pretty solid, but never shrunk down to the iPhone screen. And now we know why. Blood Bowl: Kerrunch takes the spirit of Blood Bowl, but crafts a whole new game from the ground up for smartphones.

Battle Supremacy: Evolution

battle supremacy evolution

Battle Supremacy offered some pretty great vehicular WW2 gameplay last year, but in 2015? We’re going to the future. Hop into some crazy space-style hoopties and do battle with other players.


sanitarium iphone

Want to relive one of the last great adventure games of the 90’s? Sanitarium is back in a release that’s eerily well-timed to Halloween weekend.