If you find yourself in a vulnerable state sometime in the near future and you decide you’d like to wallow there for a little while, keep an eye out for an upcoming puzzle game called Stay, Mum. Its name alone carries a sad tone, like a plea from a child whose mother is leaving him. And, well, that’s pretty much what’s going on here.

Stay, Mum is a physics / puzzle title that foregoes text and delivers its emotional story via powerful imagery. The game involves a little boy named John who craves his mother’s attention, but can’t get enough of it because she’s busy working to support them both.

To cope with his mother’s perpetual absence, John plays with blocks she gifts him. You manipulate the blocks to form surreal shapes from John’s imagination, and ultimately the relationship between his mother and himself becomes clearer.

Stay, Mum promises to hit you in your heart, so load up on tissues and ice cream before you dive in. The game comes to iOS on October 29th for $2.99 USD.