The days when free-to-play games were all about flat 2D farms and tapping to collect from villages are largely a thing of the past now. The biggest names in the business know that if they want your attention — and if they want to be costly to clone — they need to make something with spellbinding visuals. That’s why we see things like Kabam’s Marvel: Contest of Champions and Zynga’s upcoming Dawn of Titans.

Impressive graphics are important, but to make the bold claim of being the best? That takes guts. And it turns out Gameloft has plenty.

The press release revealing their next game, Sniper Fury, came with a subject line that pulled no punches. “Announcing Sniper Fury, The Best Looking Shooter Coming To The Store.” And if the trailer is anything to go by, they might be right.

Then again, the trailer doesn’t show actual gameplay, so who knows? The fact that it seems to be rooting some of its graphical capabilities in the same tech that brought us Modern Combat 5 is more than enough to keep us hopeful.

We don’t know much about this one beyond its bold promise yet, but when it launches we’ll be sure to let you know if it’s “on target.” You can pre-register to unlock exclusive goodies at