If you thought you’d get through this day without hearing a rap about a robot, man, have we got a treat for you. Blocky Bot, an action / arcade game from Mobot Studio, is coming to mobile — and its impending arrival is being promoted via mad beats.

Check it:

Blocky Bot ain’t no rookie in the hood, yo (OK, I’ll stop now). The game debuted on the Wii U eShop last Spring, where it garnered praise from critics for its fun simplicity.

Blocky Bot plays a bit like the Squid Jump mini-game that you might play in Splatoon while waiting for the game’s server to wake up and connect you. You leap up, up, and up some more while avoiding marauding enemies. You need good reflexes, a sharp eye, and a mind that’s open enough to accept the very idea of a platforming game that features a box of robotic French fries (DO NOT EAT).

Look for Blocky Bot on iOS and Android later this year courtesy of publisher Crescent Moon Games. In the meantime, get funky fresh with the ‘bots.