The Evel Knievel App, which has just launched on iOS, sends you to different iconic locations from Evel Knievel’s career and challenges you to perform amazing jumps.

There are nine of these locations in total and a whopping 27 different jumps to perform – all of which are based on actual jumps Evel Knievel undertook.


Before you even reach the jump you’ll have to navigate a tough obstacle course full of flaming hoops, barrels, and seesaws.

The rewards for doing so are enormous though and you’ll earn cash which you can use to unlock new outfits, helmets, and motorcycles.

Yes, that’s right you can dress up in eight different genuine Evel Knievel outfits and ride 11 monstrously powerful motorcycles.

Don’t forget your helmet though – there are 20 different ones to unlock.


The Evel Knievel App is just chock full of content and will have you hooked for many hours as you tick off your goals, unlock achievements, race to the top of the leaderboards, and unlock the gold trophy in each level.

The Evel Knievel App is out in the App Store [download].

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