If there’s one thing we know about rabbits, it’s that they love to hog the dance floor. By the time you see one rabbit hopping to the beat at the edge of your vision, a whole herd is already on its way. And they’ll stop at nothing to steal your perfect, center stage dancing zone.

Party Gods is about defending that prime dance floor real estate, deemed “The Spot” by developer Chopsticks Games. Your bear (or bull or rhino) just wants to get his furry groove on, regardless of the never-ending wave of music-crazed rabbits that are flocking right towards him. It’s up to you to fend off the bunny threats by tapping them to the beat, like some sort of personal all-thumbs bouncer. Successfully ejecting bunnies will allow your hero to keep on keepin’ on, energetically gyrating to the Electronic Dance Music no animal can resist.

The three heroes that require your bunny-bashing assistance are Rhino Jr., Robearspierre the bear, and Bulldimir. Besides some fantastic names, Chopsticks has created short backstories for each of them, including the fact that Robearspieere “lost his memory (and some say sanity) in what is now known as The Twelve Days Rave in 1996. He didn’t lose his perfect dance spot then and he’s not about to let it go now…” If that doesn’t inspire you to flick bunnies away from his one-bear rave, I don’t know what will.

To pump up our stylish heroes and their bunny nemeses, Party Gods will feature over a dozen Electronic songs at launch. Their speed and difficulty will vary, allowing all levels of players to get into the groove. The pulsating dance floor, neon beats, and perfectly executed animal rave moves create an endless party in the palm of your hands. You can join that party right now on Windows Phones, and when it releases “later this fall” on iOS and Android.