Brave & Little is an upcoming fairy tale adventure from indie studio LightDrop Games. The game’s gorgeous, color-explosion graphics are reminiscent of Tiny Thief, as are its use of point-and-click adventure mechanics across unique episodes. Of course, Tiny Thief is a fantastic game, and a Little Red Riding Hood-themed spiritual successor sounds like more of a great thing.


Players will take on the role of Molly, our heroine and Red Riding Hood replacement. Accompanying Molly on her journey from Grandmother’s house to the top of an icy mountain and everywhere in between is Hans, her adorable pet goat. Although the overarching plot of Brave & Little is unknown at this point, players will apparently tackle a variety of adventures, including traveling to the distant Harvest Carnival and finding a rare medicinal flower for Grandmother.

The gameplay is primarily point-and-click, with puzzles, hidden objects, and even some stealth thrown in. The short announcement trailer is packed with activities, from bashing a locked door with a shovel to scaring thieves with some sort of zombie-octopus disguise to solving a mysterious sliding block puzzle. There are five episodes planned for launch, featuring over 30 characters; 23 interactive locations; and dozens of items, enemies, challenges, and playful jokes.

Really, we’re just enjoying staring at the hand-drawn scenes, but we can’t wait to see them in action later this year. Brave & Little is planned for launch sometime “this winter” on iOS, with other platforms expected to follow.