Every time Games Workshop sneezes, another Warhammer game comes to the App Store. That’s not a germtastic comment on their quality mind you (though in the case of Snotling Fling, it seems fitting), but merely an observation of the frequency with which these games arrive.

But Blood Bowl was one of the first, and it was a damned fine experience.

That said, it was only available on the iPad, and played an awful lot like the PC game that it was ported from. When Blood Bowl 2 was released on consoles and desktops earlier this year, no mobile port — iPad or otherwise — was to be found. It turns out there was good reason. Blood Bowl 2’s developer, Cyanide, was making sure we’d be given something with a little more “kerrunch.”


Blood Bowl: Kerrunch is a game of 5-on-5 American-style football with a surprisingly single player focus. Today’s announcement promises 200 solo levels that lead up to “the Grand Finale against the formidale Orcland Raiders.” This will be supported, of course, by a multplayer component too: a league offering daily challenges.

As a proper nerd, I’m still quietly hoping we’ll see Blood Bowl: Team Manager make its way to the App Store one day. Either way, it’s hard to not get stoked about a fresh entry in the series. There’s no word on a release date yet, so keep an eye out for Blood Bowl: Kerrunch to hit mobile devices… eventually?