Ah, the crisp, sunny days of October. There’s no better time to start thinking about your future. Namely, the dull, grey days of November. Cold rain. Slippery leaves. Eww. Who wants to go outside in that?

Nobody. That’s why you should consider getting into Nexon’s Fantasy War Tactics when it comes out next month.

Fantasy War Tactics is a strategy RPG that boasts an impressively big campaign. There are 12 regions and 180 dungeons to explore, not to mention PvP and a roster of over 50 heroes to pick over.

Like most strategy games, you must use the surrounding terrain as a means of bolstering your defense and offense. But since Fantasy War Tactics is also a social title, you can call on your friends to loan you their heroes for battle (treat them gently).

You can pre-register for the game now. When it comes out on iOS and Android on November 5, you’ll have access to a cache of early bird goodies as long as you play within two weeks of that date.

One of the bonus items is a pirate costume. Don’t squander this.