Has Super Mario Maker on the Wii U caused your friends to regard you with mistrust? Like, you try to hand them a level code for “Blades and Lava XVIII: Mario’s Plumbing Equipment Meets a Buzzsaw Yet Again,” and they just glare at you?

Don’t stop flexing your game-creation muscles. Don’t stop destroying your friends’ trust, either. But consider switching mediums for a little while. Rare Sloth’s excellent puzzle / action game Furdemption is getting a level editor on November 26.

That’s Thanksgiving Day in the United States, incidentally, so if you’d rather go to hell than talk to your distant relations, well, Rare Sloth has you covered.

The level editor update — which is free for players who already own the game — lets you clone levels and add your own special touches to them. There’s also a level-sharing feature and the ability to downvote people who will inevitably use this opportunity to make some completely joyless monstrosity of a level.

This update for Furdemption puts a lot of power in your furry rabbit paws. Use it responsibly.

Or don’t. You play through the game as the King of Rabbits. We can’t exactly tell you what to do.