MapleStory is a long-lived side-scrolling MMORPG from Nexon. The term “long lived” is not being used lightly here, either. MapleStory has been alive and quite well since 2003. And its audience will only expand when Pocket MapleStory launches worldwide for mobile platforms.

According to a press release distributed by Nexon earlier this week, Pocket MapleStory plays identically to its PC parent. That means you can gather up a squad of heroes, build up your battle skills, and play through over 1500 quests set in a jolly universe filled with monsters, dragons, and adventure. There’s also online multiplayer with network party play, a first for mobile MapleStory.


Many MMORPGs currently on mobile trend towards a hyper-realistic art style and grim stories involving demons and blood and conquest. If you’re tired of the grim and grey offerings on parade, maybe you should consider cleansing yourself in Pocket MapleStory’s super-deformed forge for a little while.

If you’re in Australia, Denmark, Finland, Norway, or Sweden, you can download a soft-launch version of Pocket MapleStory on Google Play. A worldwide launch should be happening soon on iOS and Android.