Super Sharp from 1Button is a physics puzzler that challenges players to slice through objects and hit a target with the debris. The premise, however, is that each puzzle has different physics at play which help and hinder progression. Some of the environmental factors include gravity, inertia, resistance, buoyancy, and floating, while also using motion and color requirements to further complicate things. A substantial amount of success in this game relies on trial and error to learn how these mechanics effect movement.

The game has no penalty system, so you can replay a level as many times as you’d like, using as many slices as you want, to get better and complete the level. However, to unlock new worlds, you’ll need to complete puzzles within the required number of slices- and in most cases, that’s just one or two swipes! Here are some tricks and tips that can help you make the most of your cuts, but be warned there are spoilers ahead.

Super Sharp Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Know Your Colors

You can slice through anything that’s white or a solid color other than black. So cut a corner off that tiny box holding up a black ball, and the ball will fall off. Anything that’s black cannot be cut, including black borders around a white object or black tethers. A shape that shows an edge of the background color around it can be moved, and likely should be moved, otherwise it probably wouldn’t be there.

Slice Smart

One cut can go through multiple objects so line up as many things as you can to make the most of your move. If you need to cut an object that has arrows, you can use the arrows as guides to cut perfectly down the center. Even the tiniest slice counts if it hits your target, so keep trying as long as you have something left to cut- you won’t earn a star, but you will unlock the next level. Similarly, some puzzles only need a very tiny cut to solve, so sometimes less is more.

Super Sharp Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Think Different(ly)

Some puzzles require clearing a path before moving a piece toward the target, but the rare puzzle requires moving the piece before clearing the path all the way; try alternating between cutting to clear away debris and cutting to move a piece toward the target. Certain objects inspire a natural or instinctive place to cut, but that may not get you to your goal; try looking at objects from different angles to find different places to cut. Turning your device can give you a different perspective on a puzzle, but it can also make it easier to swipe straight if you have moving elements.

Super Sharp Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Prepare Yourself

You can line up a slice in advance and then let go to trigger it whenever you want. This is particularly useful if an object is moving and you need to catch it at a certain angle or pivot point. While you can’t do two cuts at the same time, slices are limited only by how fast you can swipe so set one up to make your moves faster.

Super Sharp Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Research First

In early levels, you’ll likely be able to just look at a puzzle to know what you have to do. However, as you progress, the mechanics of the environment won’t be readily apparent and you’ll have to start slicing away to figure out how things move. Consider that your first few attempts at a puzzle are exploratory research and just ignore the target number of swipes until you have figured out everything you need to succeed.