Telltale has made a lot of great narrative-driven series over the last few years, and in our humble opinion, Tales from the Borderlands might just be the best of them. It’s funny, interesting, and perfectly retains the vibe of the series while tackling a completely different genre. And on October 22nd, the company has confirmed, “Tales” will be wrapping up, releasing its fifth and final chapter on iOS and Android.

If you haven’t started the journey yet, Telltale is giving you a great opportunity to do so. Normally $4.99. you can download the first episode for free from the App Store and Google Play right now.

Already a fan and don’t want to wait until October 22 for some more Telltale goodness? You won’t have to. It might veer well outside of the Borderlands, but their next big franchise, Minecraft Story Mode, kicks off on October 15th.