There are some games that get announced with plenty of hype, later see soft launch, and then quietly disappear into the ether. Kabam’s Moonrise is one good example. And before now, I had honestly thought Minions Paradise was another.

The first Minions game from EA’s mobile division, Minions Paradise was revealed back in April with a tentative summer release date. Considering the latest film starring these devious critters, simply titled ‘Minions,’ was due in theaters back in July, it seemed as though the game would be available worldwide by that date at the latest. But it wasn’t.

It’s remained stuck in a soft-launch holding pattern since Spring, with no signs of landing. We had honestly thought it was done for.

Thankfully, it turns out our beliefs were driven more by impatience and assumptions than reality. EA has announced this week that Minions Paradise will be arriving on the App Store and Google Play on Thursday, October 13th.

Minions Paradise tells the tale of a cruise vacation gone wrong, and the Minion responsible trying to fix things by creating an island paradise. We’ve played this one a bit in soft-launch, and can confirm that fans of games like Paradise Bay and FarmVille 2: Country Escape will find a yellower shade of fun here.

Keep an eye out for it next week.