If you’re a fan of point and click adventures, there’s a good chance you’ve played The Journey Down and The Journey Down Chapter Two. These African-inspired noir mysteries are among the best the genre has had to offer in the last decade — but every good story needs an ending.

Developer SkyGoblin is hard at work on The Journey Down: Chapter Three, but needs some funding to bring the series to a close in the best way possible. They’ve recently taken to Kickstarter¬†seeking 300,000 Swedish Krona, which¬†sounds like a lot, but is only a little over $36,000. And they’re close to their goal. If you’re a fan of the series (and you should be), go help them cross the finish line.

“It’s hard to make ends meet as an independent developer,” reads the game’s Kickstarter “We’ve lived cheap as hell the past couple of years – and don’t regret it for a second – but reality is a rough lover and now we really need some outside help to afford this final stretch.”

If you haven’t play The Journey Down or The Journey Down: Chapter Two yet, we suggest you rectify this immediately. The games are money well spent, and if you enjoy them as much as we have, you’ll no doubt want to help Chapter Three see its way through production.

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