Though you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise, Dofus and Wakfu aren’t Klingon words for describing someone who opens the airlock mid-flight. Rather, both are popular massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) with an impressive multimedia presence, including the titular Wakfu anime series.

Dofus and Wakfu’s parent company, Ankama Games, is slowing things down with its next project: A board game set in the Dofus / Wakfu universe called “Krosmaga” (so that’s three fake Klingon swear words!)


Krosmaga, which mixes tower defense with card-collecting, is planned for a physical and digital release (PC, iOS, Android). Players take on the role of gods and employ magic and monsters made famous via Dofus and Wakfu.

While the game is meant to be a PvP experience, there’s a solo option for lone gods, too. In either case, Krosmaga is engineered to be accessible and user-friendly.

But Krosmaga isn’t a sure thing just yet. Ankama Games will be launching a Kickstarter in the near future. Given the franchise’s popularity, there’s little doubt said campaign will reach its goal and then some.


Visit the official Krosmaga page for more information.