Some weeks are huge for new releases, and some seem to move a bit slower. This week is the latter, but fear not: there are still a few potential gems you’ll want to check out.

Did we miss a new iPhone or iPad game you’re excited to play tonight? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

Space Miner Wars

Venan Entertainment are responsible for some of our favorite early App Store releases, like Ninjatown: Trees of Doom and Space Miner Blast. Tonight they’re revisiting the universe of their biggest hit with a game that appears to mix Space Miner’s Asteroids-inspired gameplay with base-building, defense-style elements.

Super Sharp

Slicing puzzle games are nothing new on the App Store, but considering this is the latest game from 1Button — aka the studio behind the smash hit Mr. Jump — there’s reason to stand up and take notice.

Dub Dash

Endless gameplay through a fish eye lens, Dub Dash mixes the world of mobile runners with the tub-thumping appeal of electronic dash music. Expect plenty of dodging and WUB-WUB-WUB.

Heroes Reborn: Enigma

From Full House to Coach, 2015 seems to be the year of old shows planning a comeback. This Fall we’re seeing one such attempt with a revival of Heroes. Heroes Reborn: Enigma is the mobile tie-in, and it looks to offer plenty of action and a high level of graphical polish (if you’re into that sort of thing).