After launching the smash indie hit Cave Story 10 years ago, Studio Pixel could have coasted on that success and laid low for the next decade… which is kind of what happened.

Pixel’s long-in-progress second game, Rockfish, never saw the light of day — and then last year, Pixel decided it was time to jump back into the fray by releasing KeroBlaster, a side-scrolling action game with unique controls that was possibly the best thing you played on your iPhone last year. It was certainly one of our top 10.

Pixel’s next game is Pink Heaven, and it’s coming on October 11th.

We don’t know much about Pink Heaven yet, though it appears to star the hero of Pink Hour — a game that served as something of a prologue for KeroBlaster last year. Also, looking at the image at the top of this article, the controls look to be the same as in those two releases. And like Pink Hour, Pink Heaven will be released free.

Is Pink Heaven a game? Or merely another prologue? Is this paving the way for a full-on sequel? Kero Heaven?

We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed.