If you haven’t gotten over your gaming hangover from last week, we’ll forgive you. Still, it’s time to pay attention. There are a dozen new games this week that are begging for your attention.

Don’t disappoint them.

Storm Casters Ultra

storm casters ultra

One of the best games of 2014 is back, and this time it’s bigger — and free. If you missed Storm Casters the first time around, you’re officially out of excuses. Storm Casters Ultra is more of the clock-ticking, dungeon-crawling, card-collecting action we already knew and loved.

The Balloons

the balloons

Balloons like adventures, but they don’t like spikes. Keep these guys safe by tapping on each side of the screen to blow them in the direction they need to go. There’s plenty of danger though, so don’t expect to get too far before the inevitable “POP!” occurs.

Need for Speed: No Limits

need for speed no limits

High speed street racing is back, cruising once more down the boulevard in the latest mobile Need for Speed game from EA’s Firemonkeys studio.

My NBA 2K16

my nba 2k16

If you’re a fan of card battles and sports, you were probably tickled pink by last year’s My NBA2K15. It proved popular enough to earn a second go round, so if you’re itchin’ to collect something other than Star Wars cards again, 2K has you covered.



Monument Valley was a huge hit, but it still begged a question: why aren’t there more puzzle games with an MC Escher influence?

Shooty Skies

shooty skies

Some of the folks behind Crossy Road decided to join forces with Ben Britten to create a shmup with plenty of wackiness, and more characters than you can shake a stick at. Instant download.

Mos Speedrun 2

mos speedrun 2

Go fast. Go very, very fast. This platforming sequel is for fans of old school gaming. If you missed the first, you won’t want to miss the second.

James Bond: World of Espionage

james bond world of espionage tips cheats strategies

Harking back to a Mafia Wars style text RPG, James Bond: World of Espionage tasks players with running their own stable of superspies.

[the Sequence]


A popular Android puzzler finally comes to iPhone. If you’re wondering what we think, be sure to read our (then) Android-only review.

No More Kings

no more kings

There aren’t enough games that experiment with chess out there. This one presents more than 100 different scenarios where your end goal is the same every time: capture the king.

Flick Quarterback

flick quarterback

September is football season, and football season is Full Fat season. I mean the developer — not game day wings. Flick Quarterback is their take on the pigskin classic, and a great way to kill halftime without stuffing your face.

Treasure Tombs: Ra Deal

treasure tombs ra deal

Tomb raiding is terrifying, but potentially profitable if you make all the right steps. And that’s literally what’s asked of you here. Turn-based treasure hunting with an army of mummies at your back. Plan accordingly.