Eternity Warriors 4 is a dungeon crawling RPG hack-and-slash from Glu Games that should provide a familiar experience for those who’ve played past entries. With three character classes to choose from, countless deadly enemies to battle, and tons of weapons, gear, and items to collect, players are certainly going to want to come into Eternity Warriors 4 prepared for a mighty adventure.

With Gamezebo’s Eternity Warriors 4 tips, cheats and strategies, players can survive longer in the dangerous dungeons and ensure they’re always prepared for battle.

Warrior’s Will

Eternity Warriors 4 tips cheats strategies

Each character’s ultimate ability is a bit different. Of the warrior, mage, and assassin, I (initially) found that the warrior’s ultimate was the most unwieldy. When fired up, the warrior’s ultimate allows the player to strike consecutive super-heavy-hitting attacks by spamming the attack button. The more attacks you make, the stronger the finishing swing will be. The only downside is that you are locked in place as you do it.

At first, I would activate the ultimate and typically miss. All my sword swings would completely miss the target, and I’d be stuck wasting my ultimate as I swung wildly at nothing but the ground. Then I realized that I can control where I aim the swings by using the movement stick. Since you’re grounded, instead of running, you’ll simply pivot in place. So if your ultimate’s first swing is a miss, fear not, just adjust your aim and get back at it.

Strategic Retreat

Eternity Warriors 4 tips cheats strategies

At the end of each level, a monstrous boss character will spawn in with some minions. Quickly dispatch the minions and then focus on the boss when it’s just you and them. Ideally, you’re going to want to whittle away at the monster’s health with your special attacks, as those do significantly more damage than your basic attacks. The only problem is that you’ll have to wait a bit between using your special abilities as their cooldowns are all a few seconds each.

Run around until your special abilities are ready to go, and then leap in and deal some damage and keep kiting the boss around. The A.I. in Eternity Warriors 4 isn’t too great, so most of the time the boss will just slowly trudge after you, making them super easy to avoid.

Just Checking In

Eternity Warriors 4 tips cheats strategies

It’s easy to just marathon your way through your energy bar in Eternity Warriors 4. Doing so, though, can hurt you in the long run.

Instead of just going from level to level as you complete them, take a quick break to head to the main menu to check for upgrades or other updates that you may want to take advantage of. A handy auto-equip mechanic will pop up whenever you have looted gear that is better than what you currently have equipped. Not to mention you might find some new upgrades to your character that you can invest in, or have a free offering for the God of Iron to summon a new item.

These upgrades can make the difference between winning and losing a level, and as Eternity Warriors 4 is an energy-based game, you should make sure you’re doing your best each time you set off into a dungeon.

Don’t Slow Down

Eternity Warriors 4 tips cheats strategies

Because the character’s special abilities deal the most damage, they should be used as often as possible to quickly dispatch weaker enemies, and reduce the massive health-point pools that bosses have. Since there is no penalty for using special abilities, they should essentially always be on cooldown. Considering the longer you leave them ready to be used, the less your overall damage output is, there should be no reason why you’re keeping any special ability on-hand during combat. The cooldowns are just a few seconds long anyway, so you won’t even be waiting too long to begin with.

I would initiate into fights with the special abilities and then, just before the fight is over, the abilities would usually be able to be utilized one more time as they come off of their cooldowns.