Shooty Skies is an upcoming shoot’em’up game put together by Mighty Games, a four-member team that includes Crossy Road developers Matt Hall and Andy Sum. Not surprisingly, Crossy Road’s visual spoor is all over Shooty Skies. There are colorful boxels galore, and adorable enemies literally fly at your face. It’s like an aerial war brought to you by Crayola.

We can glean a lot of information about Shooty Skies by looking at the first footage that’s surfaced. It’s a shmup that scrolls vertically. Well, actually, it’s a touch on the isometric side, if you want to be wholly accurate.

Shooty Skies stars a pilot cat, which are two words that need to be used together more. The action appears endless, though bosses make an appearance from time to time. The bullets definitely fly thick and fast, so hopefully Mighty Games is merciful about the pilot’s hit box.

We can at least be assured there are lots of power-ups to help you fly smoothly. The plane’s gun can be upgraded, and you can pick up a wingman who’s a Goose (get it?).

Shooty Skies is coming to mobile soon. Keep an eye on the game’s Twitter account for more information.