Valhalla Lost is an upcoming collectible card game based on classic Norse mythology which looks set to shake up the genre with some fresh ideas of its own.

This isn’t Norse mythology as you know it though. Here the gods have failed and Valhalla has crashed down to Earth, and they need a hero to save them. That could be you.

There are four different classes to choose from when creating your hero, and each one has its own pool of skills.


You’ll then equip your hero with weapons and armour and choose from one of 40 different card decks depending on how you’d like to play. The decks are made up of a selection of over 200 cards that include spells, creatures, wards, and traps. New cards will be introduced every three months.

You can then play the game at your leisure. There’s a plot to follow, multi-battle dungeons to explore for even more rewards, a Bar Fight mode to battle your friends in, and league play if you fancy taking on the world.

One of our favorite features of Valhalla Lost is creature abilities. These can be activated instead of attacking, and can do anything from minor damage, to giving huge buffs.


The most exciting aspect has to be the block ability, which has never been seen in a card battler before and allows you to prevent an enemy’s attack entirely.

A closed beta test is set to begin on September 25th and if you’d like to join in and help the developers finish the game, head on over to the Facebook page and like it for more information.

You’ll earn exclusive rewards just for joining in and the best ideas will make it into the final version when it launches.

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