Game development is a tough business. No matter when you hope to have a game finished for, there are always some extra hurdles to jump that you weren’t expecting. Things get delayed, and — if you had already announced a release date — your audience won’t necessarily be understanding.

Those waiting for The Room Three, though? They seem to be cut from better stock than the rabble rousers and n’er-do-wells that typically rage on the internet. Maybe that’s because of the game’s high brow nature, though I’m more inclined to believe it’s because of Fireproof Games’ great ability to communicate with their fans.

UPDATE ON THE ROOM THREEWe’re happy to report that we're making great progress on The Room Three; many bugs have been…

Posted by Fireproof Games on Montag, 21. September 2015

Today, the studio took to Facebook to give another (hopefully almost final) update on the game’s development progress. The game is now 100% playable from start to finish. They’re going into testing, which they say takes 2-3 weeks, and then they’ll submit to Apple, which could take another 1-2 weeks.

If all goes well, we could be playing The Room Three before Halloween.