Football is complicated. If you’ve ever tried explaining the game to someone who doesn’t know it, you’d have to agree. It’s also one of the few sports where even big fans don’t always grasp all of the intricacies.

It doesn’t have to be that way, at least in football video games. Boom Boom Football by Hothead Games simplifies the sport considerably, turning it into a series of one-on-one match-ups that combine strategy, skill and luck — kind of like real life sports, when you think about it.

Even though it’s simple to pick up and play, that doesn’t mean a little guidance couldn’t be useful. That’s where we come in. No need to seek out a coach to help you out when you can read through our Boom Boom Football Tips, Cheats and Strategies and start leading your team to Boom Boom Cups today. Trust us, that will make a lot more sense once you start playing.

Pick Your Best Lineup

Boom Boom Football Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Boom Boom Football breaks each game down into a sequence of six head-to-head match-ups between one of your players and a player on the opposing team. Before the game begins, you’ll have a chance to pick which of your players you want in each match-up, allowing for some strategy as you approach each one.

The important number is the power rating in the upper-right corner of each card. If your player has the same power rating as the opposing player in any given match-up, you’ll have a 50-50 chance of winning it. If your power rating is higher, your chances will improve, but if yours is lower, your odds go down significantly — even a point or two less reduces your base chance of winning the match-up to around 25 percent.

You can hit the “Auto” button and let the AI pick your lineup for you, but many times, you’re better off picking each match-up manually. Simply tap on the player you want to be in that match-up and then tap again to lock him in place.

Though the game will automatically highlight the eligible player (since offensive players can only be used to compete against opposing defensive players and vice versa) that would give you the greatest chance of winning a particular match-up, it’s wise to remember that you can’t see the rest of your opponent’s cards. Thus, it’s advisable to use a player with just enough points to give you an edge and save higher-rated players for later on in case you need their additional points to overcome an even better opponent.

All Six Moments Count

Boom Boom Football Tips, Cheats and Strategies

When each match-up plays out during the game, you’ll either have a chance to score a touchdown (on offense) or prevent one (on defense). There’s also a seventh match-up saved for overtime if the score is tied after the previous six; that’s usually but not always a field goal attempt.

You’ll head into the game knowing the order in which you’ll be playing offense and defense during the game, and that’s very important. Why? Well, let’s suppose you trail 14-7 after four match-ups with your last opportunity coming up in the fifth. That makes it a must-win for you, since you’ll be on defense in the sixth, and if you don’t score in the fifth, it won’t even matter what happens, as there’s no way you can make up the deficit. There are no defensive touchdowns in Boom Boom Football!

Always know the game situation, as it might affect the decisions you make while playing, as we’ll talk about in the next section.

It’s All About Risk/Reward

Boom Boom Football Tips, Cheats and Strategies

During a match-up, you’ll have a choice of three targets to tap when they pop up on the screen. The yellow one is the largest and stays around the longest, the blue one is slightly smaller and disappears faster, while the purple target is the smallest and appears for just a  few seconds.

Why would you ever try for the smaller targets? Because tapping them successfully gives you a bonus to your chance of winning the match-up, with the blue giving you just a small boost and the purple offering a larger one. The yellow target allows the match-up to play out at its natural odds based on the power ratings of the players involved.

That means if you’ve got a significant edge, you can go for the yellow and still feel pretty sure you’ll come out on top. If the opponent has the advantage, you might want to give yourself a fighting chance by going for the blue or purple. Just remember that if you miss a target completely, you’ll automatically lose the match-up.

And if it’s a must-win situation like we discussed above, you may need to go blue or purple even when you overpower the opponent, because you need to leave as little to chance as possible. Sometimes you’ll do everything right and still come up short thanks to bad luck with the spinners, but hey … that’s sports!

Boost or Evolve?

Boom Boom Football Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Improving your team can be as easy as winning or buying better players, but you can also improve the athletes already on your team in two ways. The first is to boost or level them up, which is done in classic card game fashion by sacrificing other cards and spending some of the game’s soft currency (bucks) to improve them by a point or more per level.

If you have two of the same player’s cards, you can evolve them into one better version by spending bucks to fuse them together. This gives the evolved player a small power boost but also increases the max level of the new card.

Note that an evolved player takes more cards to boost, though the gains are definitely worth it.

Know Your Modes

Boom Boom Football Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Boom Boom Football has three modes, all of which are constrained by either energy or tickets. The main campaign mode plays out in the Boom Boom Bowls, which are essentially single-player ladder against a series of increasingly tougher teams. Taking down all five teams in a Boom Boom Bowl wins you that trophy and some additional rewards, as well as unlocking the next ladder. Each game in a Boom Boom Bowl costs one point of energy, represented by the lightning bolt symbol at the top of the screen.

The Daily Trophy mode tasks you with playing 10 games in 12 hours in a short mini-league. All that matters here is your record in those 10 games compared to the records of he other nine teams. If you finish first, second or third, you’ll win gold, and you’ll also get a bonus reward simply for completing all 10 games. Daily Trophy games cost one ticket each.

Last but not least are limited time events, where you compete for a specified time against random opponents. You can play as many games as you want during the event for two tickets per game. You’ll earn five points for each win, three for a tie and one for a loss, with the goal being to rack up as many points as possible before the end of the event. Your point total is compared to all the other players, and you’ll earn a corresponding reward that could include players, gold, bucks or some combination of the three. Events also have milestone point totals that give you rewards as you hit them.

Both energy and tickets refill over time, but you can buy more with real money or watch videos to earn small amounts of them for free.

Don’t Forget Your Bonus Pack

Boom Boom Football Tips, Cheats and Strategies

The game doesn’t make it obvious, but the store where you can buy player packs for gold gives out bonus packs every four hours for free. These usually contain a few gold, some cash and a few bronze players you can use for boosting purposes, so don’t forget to claim your bonus packs.