Arcade games had their heyday long ago, but there are a handful of franchises that — thanks to their placement in bars and their appeal to adults — maintain a strong presence year after year. One of these is Big Buck Hunter. The other, Golden Tee.

Believe it or not, Golden Tee has been releasing annual versions into arcades for the last 26 years. In some years, there’s even more than one. I suppose that’s what happens when a love for golf, a pocket full of quarters, and copious amounts of beer come together.


Also, this.

I just hope you have a mini-fridge tucked under your desk, because the next time you’ll be going for par, you’ll be doing it on your phone or tablet. (Probably instead of filling out that next spreadsheet.)

Happy Time Games is bringing the Golden Tee franchise to iOS and Android devices, and adding a few mobile-specific tweaks, too. You’ll be able to customize your character’s outfits, for example, and be able to compete against friends (and strangers) in “online challenge arenas.”


Don’t expect too much change, though. It sounds like they’re trying to stick as close to the series winning formula as they can, even promising “intuitive controls that stay true to the classic arcade track ball.”

Expect Golden Tee Mobile on the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon App Store this Fall.