Whether it was Cheers, Three Men and a Baby, or even the criminally underwatched Bored to Death, there was one thing that always rang true to me about Ted Danson: the man has a face that could sell a slot machine.

Gameloft seems to agree. They’ve entered into a deal to create a new iOS and Android slots game based on CSI; a show Danson has skillfully (I assume — I’ve never actually watched it) starred in for the last four years.

CSI Slots will feature more than just luck-based play. In a twist that properly represents the show’s crime-solving nature, players will follow along with interactive mysteries that were “written by CSI writers,” according to today’s press release.

If you’re a fan of CSI (or, in my case, Mr. Ted), you’ll be able to pick this one up fore free on the App Store and Google Play on September 24th — just in time for the CSI series finale that will be airing the following Sunday.

While you’re waiting, please enjoy this footage of Ted Danson fighting Magnum PI with a giant hook: