Video games are often filled with a mix of the weird and wonderful, so it takes something fairly outside-the-box to be describled as truly strange. And yet, after watching the trailer for Full Pipe, I’m left with no better description.

Originally released in 2003 and created by noted Russian animator Ivan Maximov, Full Pipe is an adventure game set in an underground labyrinth of pipes. Absolutist Games, publishers of the upcoming mobile version, promise that players can expect “hatches, traps and secret passages” that connect the 38 different locations you’ll visit and 50 different characters you’ll meet.

I really don’t know what to make of this one. There’s a part of me that thinks it could be a glorious experience in same vein as Botanicula or Samorost, but there’s another part of me that keeps thinking of the weird arthouse style that for some reason reminds me of the Itchy & Scratchy knock-off Worker & Parasite.

Expect to see Full Pipe on the App Store and Google Play this Thursday, September 17th.