You’ve played Zynga’s Words with Friends. Maybe you’ve even played their Chess with Friends, or done a little Matching With Friends. That’s all well and good, but if you’re really serious about demonstrating what a smarty-pants you are, you should probably turn to the most respected trivia board game of all time: Trivial Pursuit. And thanks to a partnership between Gameloft and Hasbro, showing off your big, juicy brain will be easier than ever with Trivial Pursuit & Friends for smartphone and tablets.

Trivial Pursuit & Friends features all-new trivia questions across a variety of topics (so you can’t memorize old questions from previous games — but you don’t need to do that anyway, right?). There are also new game modes that take advantage of the game’s digital format / online capabilities. For instance, Duel Mode lets you challenge other players in a real-time quiz-off.

There’s also Blitz Mode, which pits four players against each other in a test of knowledge and speed, and Events Mode, which lets you try out themed quizzes every week.

Trivial Pursuit & Friends features all the fun of the classic board game, but there’s no risk of accidentally kicking any of those pie-wedge pieces under the couch. Look for the game at a future date on iOS and Android.