Summer may be nearing its end, but fall is still an excellent time to travel. The weather is cooler, for starters, and you don’t have to deal with all the tourist crowds.

Fans of autumn travelling will therefore be happy to learn that the game / storybook 80 Days is getting a content update on October 1. Inkle’s steampunk globe, which you can travel across using airships, steam trains, and even clockwork camels, is getting a little bit bigger.


The update adds over 130,000 words to the world-spanning adventure, and unlocks tons of new areas for you to explore. There are 30 new cities across North and South America to visit, plus mischief to get into with the surrounding flora and fauna. Going over Niagara Falls is ill-advised in the real world, but you might be able to manage it in 80 Days.

And if established world wonders don’t excite you like they used to, the update lets you slip from gravity’s hold in order to visit the moon (bring your own air). Not interested in the void? Why not visit Atlantis instead (bring your own bathing suit)?

Polish your goggles, put on your sharpest top-hat, and get ready to travel again. The 80 Days update will beĀ free for existing owners on iOS and Android.