There were only two games present during today’s Apple TV announcement, but what took the stage definitely managed to fuel our imaginations. Crossy Road was able to implement multiplayer thanks to its big screen transition. And Beat Sports, from Guitar Hero and Rock Band creators Harmonix, looks as though it will be Apple TV’s answer to Wii Sports.

A result of their collaboration with Tilting Point, Beat Sports will offer at least three mini-games — tennis, volleyball and golf — all with a rhythm game twist. The demo at the Apple Event showed off their spin on baseball, so that’s included as well.

Tilting Point are promising to reveal more details about the mini-games and soundtrack “in the coming weeks.”

Even better, when it does launch, you won’t have to play alone. “As you all know, music games are the most fun when you play with friends — so we’ve made sure to include support for up to four simultaneous players,” Harmonix’s Jon Carter said on stage today. “As long as you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch, you’ll be able to drop right in and join the fun.”

The game will be available the same day Apple TV launches, which Apple has described as late October. No price has been mentioned yet, but as a showcase of the capabilities of Apple TV’s Siri Remote, you’ve got to think it will be priced accessibly.

This is only the first collaboration between Tilting Point and Harmonix, though there’s no word on whether or not their other games will be Apple TV releases too. As time marches on, we’ll look forward to finding out.