Simulations, shooters, and worms. SO MANY WORMS. This week’s new releases are all over the place (in the best way possible). If you’re hoping to play a little Pokemon, or maybe just pretend to be bread, you’ll be delighted to check out this week’s new iPhone and iPad games roundup.

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Worms 4

worms 4

The popular artillery series is back in its first main-series release created exclusively for mobile. New weapons, upgrades, a massive single player campaign and real-time multiplayer battles set the stage for the latest wormy war.

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile


Let’s all pause for a moment in acknowledgement of one crazy truth: this is the week a Pokemon Nintendo 3DS game was ported to mobile devices. That would have been unheard of as early as… well, any time before right now. Sure it’s a mobile-style match-3 battle game, and it’s free-to-play on 3DS too, but that doesn’t really detract from the gravity of the situation.



If you were addicted to Dead Trigger 2 (and if you weren’t, it’s only because you didn’t play it), it’s time to check out the latest game from Madfinger. Again, you’ll be squaring off against hordes of the undead — but man oh man does this game look pretty.

Blocky Highway

blocky highway

The creators of Blocky Roads are back with another game of vehicular fun. This time you’ll be dodging traffic and unlocking plenty of new rides.

Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville


Surviving a zombie apocalypse requires a strong leader. Hopefully that’s you. If so, and you’re ready to rebuild a city and coordinate your fellow humans, Rebuild 3 is a game that shouldn’t be missed (or so says our review).

I am Bread


Never before has a game been more aptly described by its title.

Goat Simulator MMO Simulator

goat simulator mmo simulator

If simulating bread isn’t your thing, how about simulating an MMO inside of a Goat Simulator? Complete quests, choose different classes, and level up in a game that’s not actually online with other players. MIND = BLOWN.

The Deer God


You were a hunter, now you’re a deer. Awkward, AMIRITE?? Live life, fall in love, gather a herd, jump over stuff, and… battle a giant cobra? Experience all the wonders of deer life.



The ocean is dark and deep, but a few creatures have a trick to light up the underwater night: bioluminescence. Try to keep your light source alive for as long as you can while avoiding the deadlier creatures that inhabit the ocean floor.

Rock(s) Rider – HD Edition

rock(s) rider HD

The original Rock(s) Rider hit the App Store back in 2012, and a lot has changed in terms of technology since then. So the developers are giving it a fresh coat of paint. If you missed this Trials-inspired dirt bike game the first time around, there’s no better time to remedy the situation.

Raider Rush


Brutal, saw-blade spinning platformers meet autorunning. This sounds an awful lot like what we’re hoping for from Super Meat Boy Forever (should it ever come out).

9Innings Manager

9innings manager

Is it a little late in the season to launch a baseball management game? Maybe! But if you’re the sort who doesn’t pay attention to the sport until the playoffs start, this might be the perfect time to dive into some fantasy sports fun.

Electro Ball


The creators of Velocispider and SBACEBALL want to know how long you can keep a white ball moving to avoid electrocution. Good luck, bro.

Power Ping Pong

power ping pong

Ping pong is a lot like kung fu. (Well, at least it is in this game.) Test your table tennis skills against 8 wacky opponents, or go online and play against your friends.

Mister Smith & His Adventures


A gamebook written by an indie Scottish comedian that (at least in North America) you’ve never heard of — Steven McDade. This is either going to be hilarious or a train wreck. Since it’s free, it won’t cost you a dime to find out either way!

Cube Worm

cube worm

The creators of the Overkill series have decided to try their hand at making a refreshing game of Snake. It’s probably a great palette cleanser after years of shooter-heavy development, and if you like colorful voxels and old school gameplay, you’ll be happy to jump into their latest.