If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a deer, this is your week to shine. The same goes for “wondered about killing zombies,” “wondered about being bread,” and “wondered how well I can dodge a bladesaw.”

Too impatient to wait for tonight’s onslaught of new releases? You can always jump into a game of Pokemon Shuffle Mobile — it went live Tuesday morning.


Even though I’ve never personally been a big fan of first-person shooters, there’s no denying that Dead Trigger 2 was sublime. UNKILLED is the next release from Madfinger Games, and as a studio that knows a thing or two about killing zombies, it should be interesting to see how they’ve refined the formula for their latest outing.

The Deer God

Karmic retribution is a strange beast. One day you’re a deer hunter; the next, you’re a deer. Exploring the word on all four legs, players will mate with other deer, live through a deer’s life cycle, and gather a herd — all against the backdrop of a gorgeous, procedurally generated world.

Blocky Highway

Do you love Blocky Roads, but wish there was more of it? That game’s creators have returned to the App Store with — literally — a new perspective. Blocky Highway places the camera behind your vehicle as you weave through traffic.

I am Bread

The latest bit of silliness from the makers of Surgeon Simulator, I am Bread sets you loose in a world of wheat and wonder. Get toasted.

Raider Rush

Navigate blisteringly difficult, Meat Boy-like environments using only left and right jumps. You might have heard of this one under its working title, “Adventure Roller Skates.”