It’s funny how so many things can illicit both a positive and a negative reaction. When we first caught wind of a new Star Wars card game from EA, I jumped up and down in my Wookie pajamas and shouted “OH GOODY!” Travel down some other paths on the internet, and you’ll find that my response wasn’t entirely universal.

It’s almost like there’s a light side and a dark side to everything. 😉

If you’re over here with me and the Jedis and have been eagerly anticipating your first glimpse of gameplay, EA delivered that today with the trailer you’ll see above.


Judging from the trailer, the earlier description of “CCG role-playing experience” seems to lean pretty heavily on the role-playing side. This isn’t a Hearthstone-alike so much as it’s a “collect your heroes and set them loose in RPG battles” kind of game.

These have a mixed track record. We’ll remain quietly hopeful.

In addition to the trailer, EA have given us a Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes release date target to look forward to. You can expect this one on iOS and Android “holiday season 2015.”