Ski Safari 2 may be one of the best little purchases you make on your mobile device. It’s loads of fun, and offers players neat little challenges to accomplish all throughout the gameplay experience.

In Ski Safari 2 it’s not just about how far you go before you’re overtaken by the avalanche/lava flow/tornado, but how stylish you make that ill-fated descent. Pulling off tricks, completing combos, and dodging obstacles are all necessary in order to obtain the highest scores possible. Our Ski Safari 2 tips, cheats and strategies will cover all the basics so that you can focus on climbing up that leaderboard.

Don’t Flip-Flop

Ski Safari 2 tips cheats and strategies

When you ramp off of ramps, roofs, or cliff sides, holding down the left or right sides of the screen will trigger your avatar to initiate a front-flip or a back-flip. It may be tempting to try and do both, but rotating around one way and then back the other involves a lot of time where your head is facing the ground. Most of the time you have no idea where the ground is as you fall, so you’re essentially falling blindly. This is just begging for the ground to come up and swallow your upside-down head.

Unless you are 100% sure you just rocketed off of a massive jump, play it safe. What I would do is roll a full front or back-flip, and then spend the rest of my time in the air doing swipe moves.

The Power of 3

Ski Safari 2 tips cheats and strategies

While you’re falling through the air, don’t just sit and enjoy the scenery — you should be swiping around and initiating some of your avatar’s special moves!

Not only do special moves make great photo opportunities, but if you pull off three flashy moves by the time you land (assuming you don’t land on your head) you’ll get a temporary speed boost that can rocket you right on through most obstacles.

Slip and Slide

Ski Safari 2 tips cheats and strategies

Pardon my John Madden, but I wanted to illustrate how you’ll want to turn into slopes as you fall, as opposed to just falling straight down.

As you fall through the air after a big jump, the ground rushes up at you, leaving you with just a second or two at most to orient yourself to your new surroundings. Try and quickly adjust the position of your skis or snowboard to make sure they are running with the slope you’re about to land on.

If you’re falling too hard, too perpendicular to the ground, you’re going to land hard and that will slow you down considerably. But if you’re lucky, you can use the momentum of your fall to your advantage and hit the new slope with increased speed, distancing yourself that much further from the pursuing natural disaster.

Save Up

Ski Safari 2 tips cheats and strategies

In the prehistoric level, a lava flow replaces the avalanche.

Ski Safari 2 comes with 3 zones: the default snow zone, a prehistoric zone, and an American gold-rush zone. Each zone features different critters and some familiar faces with just a new getup to match the zone.

When you start playing, you’ll quickly level up your profile and receive lots of gold as a reward. Save this gold and put it towards buying the extra two zones. It may be tempting to buy your skier a rabbit costume, or buy your snowboarder a shiny new board, but resist the temptations and unlock the levels for even more content to explore and that many more new objectives for you to complete and be rewarded for.