Breakneck is a fast-paced, endless racing game from PikPok. The game is out now for iOS devices and features some spectacular visuals and a brand new level every day for players to zoom on through.

Such high-intensity game requires some above-average reflexes, but that doesn’t mean you need to be Neo to get good at the game. The following Breakneck tips, cheats and strategies offer helpful ideas that newer players should take into consideration as they begin their breakneck Breakneck runs.

It’s A Trap

Breakneck tips cheats strategies

Snag the coins that are in columns (foreground) as opposed to coins in rows (background).

Due to the alien invasion, the world’s industries have been absolutely ravaged by the conflict. As you zoom through the ruins of factories and warehouses, the levels tend to throw some surprises at you. From collapsing buildings, to very-suddenly-narrow passages ways.

You will be lured around by the sight of gold coins, but sometimes they can lead you astray. Some coins are planted alongside buildings at very strange angles, making picking them all up very difficult for newer players. My advice here is to just ignore the coins that are positioned almost horizontally against buildings, and instead focus on scooping up the coins layed out in neat little lines, just waiting for you to gobble them all up.

Do A Barrel Roll

Breakneck tips cheats strategies

It’s hard to screenshot a barrel roll, but I did one to change directions to get to these coins quickly.

Tapping the left and right sides of the screen signals your vehicle to gently angle to the left or right. If you double-tap the left and right sides of the screen you can perform a barrel roll maneuver, which is a fast-spin ability that is a bit reckless, but can save you from certain death.

What a barrel roll does is it instantly reverses your momentum without requiring you to slow down. Barrel rolls come in handy when you suddenly see a building collapsing ahead of you, or if a path you thought was open is actually closed off and you need to change direction fast.

I Wanna Go Fast

Breakneck tips cheats strategies

Driving close to objects will charge up your vehicle’s boost ability. While driving next to objects is risky, it is the only way to stay ahead of the aliens who are easily capable of catching up to you.

Breakneck is a pretty looking game, and it is all too easy to get sucked into just trying to drive for as long as possible. But it is imperative that you remember to collect boosts or your runs will be very short, every single time.

I See Dead People

Breakneck tips cheats strategies

Breakneck shows you the ghosts of your best run and your previous run as you play through the day’s level. Learn from your mistakes, but also feel free to follow them.

If you had a particularly great run, follow that ghost through the level and make a habit of following particular paths and you’ll easily be able to get back to wherever you failed.