Five Nights at Freddy’s developer Scott Cawthon runs a one-man show, so it’s no secret that he sometimes has to work by the seat of his pants. That means plans get shifted, release dates get bumped (constantly!), and ideas are re-evaluated.

For instance, Scott initially said Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 will have downloadable content on Halloween. He’s since changed his mind, according to an update on the game’s Steam page. Instead, FNAF 4 will receive a content update on Hallow’s Eve.

“The October 31st content will be an automatic update, not DLC,” Scott wrote. “It will update the game to 1.1 and will include lots of goodies on the extras menu (for those who have beaten night 6), including a cheat menu, a challenge menu, and a twist on a familiar minigame that provides a boost when playing challenge modes. This also means that there will be a whole new set of stars to earn for those who are up to the challenge!”

fnaf4 night 6 ending

But Fredbear fans shouldn’t despair. Scott is working on something bigger — something mysterious — and we might get a sneak peak of the project on Halloween.

“I have something fun in mind, a new game (not FNaF5), but it will be a real challenge to have even a small playable portion by Oct 31,” he wrote. “If a playable demo isn’t ready by then, then at the very least there will be some sneak-peak content.”

Scott then took a minute to do some low-key gloating about how not a single fan has figured out FNAF 4’s biggest mystery: What’s in the locked box that shows up at the end of Night Seven.


“[N]o one, not a single person, found the pieces. The story remains completely hidden,” he wrote. “The fact that the pieces have remained elusive this time strikes me as incredible, and special, a fitting conclusion in some ways, and because of that, I’ve decided that maybe some things are best left forgotten, forever.”

Needless to say, most of Scott’s fans are not down with the idea of this bit of lore staying “forgotten, forever.” It’s highly doubtful the contents of the box will sleep forever.