Continuing their trend of noteworthy releases in 2015, Square Enix is gearing up for another big game tonight. Lara Croft GO is coming, and just a week after the publisher brought Final Fantasy VII to mobile.

But while Lara Croft GO might be this week’s biggest release, there are plenty of other new iPhone and iPad games worth checking out too. Be sure to pick up the following five when they launch late in the evening tonight.

Lara Croft GO

If you were a fan of last year’s puzzling Hitman GO, you’ll want to check out the team’s similar twist on the Tomb Raider series. Turn-based puzzles go to the jungle this time around as Lara explores (yet another) forgotten civilization.


PikPok blends the worlds of endless racing and futuristic hovercrafts with tonight’s release of Breakneck — a game that looks like the unholy merging of Wipeout and a hillbilly moonshine run. If you’re a fan of Race the Sun, this should be high on your radar this week.

Sage Solitaire


There are just a handful of indie game makers whose names instantly set my heart aflutter, and Zach Gage is one of them. The creator of SpellTower, contributor to Ridiculous Fishing, and the mind behind the wonderfully weird #fortune returns to the App Store tonight with his unique take on solitaire.

Ski Safari 2

Endlessly hurtling down hills is kind of their thing. If that sounds like a good time (and you should know by now if it does, with so many games borrowing the formula in recent years), Ski Safari 2 should readily scratch that itch once again.

Rebuild 3

The Walking Dead meets Sim City once more in the third iteration of everyone’s favorite survivalist simulation. The game sports a mind-boggling 93% positive user reaction in its earlier Steam release. If you haven’t checked it out before, there’s no better time to jump in and protect the last of humanity.