While it may never have reached the top of the mobile gaming world in the way Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, or Where’s My Water? did, Ski Safari is a game that came ridiculously close. There’s a very good chance that you’ve played it, a spin-off, or a derivative¬†at some point in the last three years. And no matter how you’ve consumed it (my preferred method will always be Ski Safari: Adventure Time), you’ll be pleased to learn that there’s more coming this week.

Ski Safari 2 is set to hit the App Store this Thursday, August 27th. And judging by the trailer, you’ll be strapping a lot more than just skis to your feet. From dirt bikes and mine carts to a player piano, there looks to be an absurd amount of variety this time around. The developers are promising more than a dozen vehicles and animals that you can ride, and three distinctly different environments (snow, tornadoes, and lava).

The gameplay has some new tweaks too. In addition to the single-tap gameplay you’re used to, players will be able to swipe to do tricks. They’re also introducing a multiplayer component and photo mode.


Get your skis shined up, friends. You’ll be able to hit the mountain on iOS and Android this Thursday for $1.99.