On September 3rd, mobile gamers will finally be able to get their hands on Crescent Moon Games’ The Deer God.

“But, wait a minute,” you say to yourself, “my friend has that on his phone!” You are not wrong, as The Deer God was previously part of a Humble Mobile Bundle from almost a year ago. However, that version of The Deer God was the Android alpha version; the finalized product is what is launching on September 3rd, first on iOS devices and then later on for Android devices.

Described as a “karmic journey”, The Deer God is about a hunter’s rebirth as a fawn, and coming to terms with the life and struggles that deer face throughout their lives.

The game originally debuted on Kickstarter, where it went on to amass over $51,000.  Earlier this year, The Deer God released on Steam where it was met with mixed user reviews, and remains currently available for $14.99.

Look for The Deer God on September 3rd for iOS devices. An Android release is planned soon.