Hitman: Sniper may be one of the best examples of how to make a really compelling mobile game operating within certain constraints, but that doesn’t mean it needs to stay the same forever.

With that in mind, Square Enix MontrĂ©al announced a major update today for Hitman: Sniper, adding Everyplay integration and improving performance on both iOS and Android devices. You’ll also be able to look down the sights of a brand new weapon, the Aria -Gold rifle, and match wits with a new enemy, the Head of Security. He’s said to “change the dynamics of high level Hitman: Sniper competition,” as he patrols the grounds and calls in reinforcements whenever he spots places with no visible protection.

Sounds like more targets to me.

It’s also a great time to brush up on your sniping skills in general, as Hitman: Sniper is also on sale through Monday, August 24. Normally $4.99. it’s available right now for $2.99 from both the App Store and Google Play, meaning you should pull the trigger this weekend, as it were.

Seriously, I know the whole point of the game is to stay patient, but it’s also about acting when you’ve got the perfect shot. This is it, most likely.