Disruptor Beam has been teasing us. I don’t mean us specifically here at Gamezebo, but all of us. The Boston-area studio behind Game of Thrones Ascent announced the very awesome-sounding Star Trek Timelines a while back and got us all hyped up, and we’ve been impatiently waiting for more ever since.

Until today, that is. Almost like they performed a Vulcan mind meld on us, they’ve satisfied our desire to see more of Star Trek Timelines with a new video boasting some pre-alpha footage and key artwork. Also, when you’re working with people from the Star Trek franchise itself, Q might show up at your company retreat — or at least the actor who played him, John de Lancie.

You can see de Lancie sitting in on a story meeting as well, reinforcing the idea that this Disruptor Beam is crafting an authentic Star Trek experience that incorporates the TV shows and movies. Naturally, that means ways to resolve conflicts other than just blasting away at problems (though you can do that too, by the looks of it) and visuals that one person working on the game says will make it look “better than anything else you’ve played on a tablet.”

Toward the end, you’ll see that de Lancie gives the game and the team developing it his personal seal of approval while also getting Disruptor Beam CEO Jon Radoff to admit that his favorite Star Treck character is Q. No persuasion necessary, we’re sure!

I’m not sure if this is going to calm us down or just make us even more anxious for the game’s release, but we’ll see. Star Trek Timelines currently has its phasers locked on a fall release for iOS, Android and the web.